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The Nine Double - ues

This is the most important question when pastime events are concerned. If there is no clear-cut reason and no complex of parallel aims such event should not be organized. There is no whatsoever point to do it just because there was one the previous year or it is a part of our calendar undertakings. It wouldn't be right for the lost time thus the event would rather be dismissed.

What Kind?
Having decided that there is a serious ground for the organization of the event, the next follows as what form it should take. Should it be devoted to people of certain age? Whether it suits the reason overall? Every detail of the event must be thoroughly elaborated and fulfilled to the end. An incorrect type of an event is as bad as an event without any reason.

The issue of availability of appropriate place and facilities for the event is of a great importance. It is also necessary that the place of the event should have a set of conditions, in advance to assure that all necessary demands are fulfilled.

The event time can be determined by many factors. In order to rouse a greater public interest and to avoid overlapping one should follow closely the local, national and international event calendars and assure that the site foreseen for the event is not occupied.

What for?
This is another essential question as if there are no people interested in the event there is no sense to organize it. The purpose of the event might be raising of funds or to enhance its publicity but generally speaking a factor of involvement should be present otherwise all attempts will come to nothing and the event will find no attention. It is worth organizing an event if there is a group of participating consumers.

Whose auspices?
It may raise a number of problems since the event can be organized provided there is a strong group of organizers. This work is demanding therefore certain skills of the organizers are required no matter whether they are paid or voluntary. No doubt there is a possibility to buy such service or advice but it can turn to be very expensive and therefore the issue should be seriously considered at the very beginning of the budget building. Thus if you have no skilled organizer the event should be put out of your head.

Who will watch?
There is a presupposition among those that once they hold an event everyone will be rushing to see it. But practically it is not so. To say the truth most of the potential participants are scared away by the ticket prices.

Will it cost?
It is a very important question but it is often not sufficiently analyzed. In the first place the possible expenses should be calculated and if the income will cover them. Inability to estimate the budget thoroughly in advance is the recipe of headache or failure. One should be pessimistic about profit and realistic about expenses.

Who will lead?
Is there a man or a group of men who can guide the organization towards the implementation of the idea to conceive, plan and bring an event to realization?

Who will pay?
Financing of events is an intricate problem especially of larger ones where it is particularly difficult to raise money for their realization. Therefore before taking the task it is essential to define all possible expenses and ways of how to cover them in advance. Many events failed in past for the reason that no serious budget calculation was carried out.